Creating My Blog

dead sea

My friend Rachel and I after covering ourselves in the mud of the Dead Sea. This photo is from my facebook page.

Creating my blog was far less messy than swimming in the Dead Sea. As you can see from the picture above, things got pretty muddy in Israel. I wanted to include some pictures from my trip to Israel with Birth Right. I traveled with the Mayanot program this past May and had one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Pictured below is my note in the Western Wall. People leave notes of prayer in the cracks of this holy wall in hopes that God will answer them. This wall is such a sacred place that it is even frowned upon to ever let your back be facing it. People have to literally walk away from the wall, backwards. I wrote a really special note but am sad to say that the opportunity I asked God for went unanswered, which makes me question the validity of this prayer process.


Photo Credit: Myself, located on my facebook page.

Back on to the assignment topic, I have created a Tumblr in the past and I had an Xanga when I was in high school. This blog site seems to be a little more customizable from my previous experience with the older formats on those blog sites. I am struggling a little with the randomness of these posts. I would like to make the entire blog focused on one topic that I am knowledgeable in to make a concise blog that could be used in real life. At first I thought that we would be choosing topics we enjoy and may even specialize in to share with our classmates. The lack of topic consistency makes me shiver due to my minor case of O.C.D.


Water Tunnel in Israel located on my facebook page

To conclude my post, I want to share a photo of the water tunnel that was created underground to bring water from the outer edges of the City of David to the city center. This was necessary because the city center was under constant attack from enemies. This water tunnel was detrimental to the fate of the Israelis. We had the opportunity to walk through this tunnel which was both a very claustrophobic and amazing experience. The water is clean and cool but the walls and ceiling surrounding it are small and limiting.

Happy Blogging!



6 thoughts on “Creating My Blog

  1. Hello, I must say that I really like your title, I find it very unique and rememberable. You have done a great job on the overall decoration of your blog… I really like how “the foundation” looks with the yellow. It really sets a mood for a very happy and fun blog! On your first post, your pictures were great and the traveling to Israel must had been a blast! I find it so funny because I also had a Xanga account back in my middle school/high school days. I used to really like their website, but after a while I was getting very bored at it. Your sidebar or as stated by Bob Dunn on “5 Interior Design Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog User-Friendly” garage, can use a little bit more work. I feel that there are some things that you really do not need and this will only polish more the great blog you created. Overall, you have done a great job posting about your first post and how you introduced your self with a fun story about trip to Israel.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog! It must have been exciting to travel to Israel. I like how your name kind of fits into the title of the blog. I thought that was very creative. Your was definitely an attention grabber, I was curious to find out why you were covered in mud and the meaning of the flower, which is a good thing. What interested me was the tunnel, it must have been creepy. I honestly think I would have freaked out. I also have a Tumblr account and I feel like I can do so much more with WordPress. I don’t think your blog needs improvement, the only thing I would say is to add more to your pages, BUT you probably haven’t got to that yet, so other than that I think your blog is fine and I look forward to reading more of your blog post.

  3. I completely get what you mean when you say you want to be blogging about one particular topic, I feel the same way. I also have a Tumblr and I too like how WordPress is a little bit more customizable, like how on Tumblr you can change your background and URL but you can change pretty much everything on this website. My only criticism would be to check out your “garage” or sidebar. There’s at least one thing there that shouldn’t be, and is only adding clutter to your blog. Besides that, it’s looking good!

  4. Hey! I love those pictures of your trip to Israel that you posted! I love how you use your own images, it makes it that much more interesting to read! Israel seems like a beautiful and also interesting place to visit since it has so much history within its borders. I know what you mean when you say that it is hard to keep blogs concise without a specific topic that you want to focus on. Even when you do, sometimes one topic bleeds into another, which is okay ( I think it also gives it a bit more edge to it, and it’ll be less repetitive)! From what I’ve read and correct me if I’m wrong about this, it seems like you like to travel. So maybe you can work your theme around your travels and your experience with different cultures. You’re theme is great too, since it is not too distracting from your posts. Also, I love “behalpy”! It is so creative that you created an online persona almost. Just a note that some of the stuff on your sidebar should be cleaned up and your blogroll should consist of other peoples’ blogs. Besides your sidebar being a little cluttered, looks awesome and can’t wait to read again!

  5. Definitely enjoyed reading your first blog post. I just got back from birthright this past winter break and I definitely know how you feel when it comes to this experience being life changing. In terms of your blog as a whole, really love the layout. I think the title is absolutely awesome, and it really fits your last name (and mine too I guess haha). In regards to the “5 Design Tips,” I think your foundation is fantastic. You used a lot of colors that jump off the screen. You also included some great pictures that really made me feel like I was with you on the trip. Really great job.

  6. I loved your pictures! I am Catholic so I really do not know much about Birth Rite but I have heard that everyone who goes has life-changing experiences. I recently studied abroad in Rome, Italy and in a way I can relate this to a trip of that sort. I visited places of my ancestors and religious figureheads. I also traveled all around Europe so the trip changed me immensely.
    I like your blog layout. Your headline is very cute, and that is important because you want to draw readers in, I think as far as navigation goes, you have followed the guidelines and everything is pretty easy to read. According to the 5 Design Tips article by Bob Dunn, the only thing you would need to make this perfect is a “front porch”. Connect this blog to Facebook or twitter, but only accounts you use often enough to warrant the connection. 🙂

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